Cars — and How to Keep Them

"For starters, keep the key in your pants!"


A Volvo that used to reside on the 500 block of Mowbray Arch, till it was stolen on July 12, 2015, and ended up two days later like this:

Local (lackluster) TV News Video

Call 1-888-LOCK-U-UP


Totaled, but resting peacefully, and upright again:

The owner was in the habit of always locking his car as soon as he got out of it. But he must have forgotten to this time, since the alarm didn't go off when it was stolen. The police said a valet key was used to start the car, and the thieves probably found it in the glove compartment, though the owner didn't realize there was such a key. The police said thieves look for valet keys when they rifle through a car, since cars these days are too sophisticated for the average thief to hotwire.


Moral to the Story

Always keep your car locked, and if it has a valet key, don't leave it in the vehicle.


Past Glory

The old Volvo in its youth, when it appeared in a parody ad that won first place at FreakingNews, a Photoshop parody website — probably more for its dark-humor than the Photoshopping expertise of its creator:





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