It don't get any hipper, right?

Or sexier, either — according to Cigar Magazine.


Also, the cigar is the perfect accoutrement of the blowhard.

For example, Rush Limbaugh, the cigar sucking king of the blowhards:


Public Service Announcement

By now you are surely tempted, but stop and thimk before you, too, start puffing.

"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" — and not just an obnoxious obsession. Then again, sometimes not. Apparently Herr Doktor Freud never actually uttered that "sometimes its just a cigar" line. Nevertheless, Freud, a medical doctor as well as the father of psychoanalysis, ultimately succumbed to his lethal cigar habit.

So as sexy as puffing on those stogies may seem to you, consider replacing them with a healthy, modern, high-tech — but every bit as romantic — alternative (see below).



Even better than vaping!





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