Clean Bridge Club

For Lovers of the Hague Pedestrian Bridge

Members of the Clean Bridge Club are dedicated to keeping the Hague pedestrian bridge, a tranquil neighborhood gem, free of the blight of both litter and locks.

Members remove such things from the bridge as they can (the laws of Virginia give any user of public ways in the commonwealth the legal right to remove such things). Members report things they cannot remove themselves to the City of Norfolk for removal — but then they wait and wait.

Some members specialize in spotting visual blight on the bridge, others in removing it.

It's easy to join the club. Just ask any member. All it takes is a love of the bridge and a vigilant eye for anything that defaces it.


FIRST RULE of Clean Bridge Club: Never talk about "love locks." That insidious euphemism lends undeserved legitimacy and sympathy to anyone who would deface a public bridge with padlocks, whether in the name of thoughtless "love" or forthright vandalism.


Never forget what was...


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