Coal Dust

Hopeless and/or Inevitable?

Let's face it, only two things could put an end to Norfolk Southern's coal dust polluting:

1) Norfolk Southern's big-corporate conscience, which seems to be inversely proportional in size and influence to its bottom line (so forget about that) or

2) Norfolk Southern's coal hauling business drying up, which seems to be slowly but surely happening.

Coal blowing in the wind — thank you, Norfolk Southern


Watch the dumpers do their thing:



In the meantime, enjoy the dust:


At least it can be pressure washed off people's houses (their lungs not so much):


Might as well forget about trying to get Norfolk Southern to do the right thing:

And soon, Norfolk Southern execs won't even have to risk wiffing the dust when they venture from their glass-tower headquarters downtown:



Let's have a sing along!

Raggy G goes old-school with "Ole Girl River"



Norfolk Southern, Befouling It's Own Hometown

A coal train passing through Suffolk:



A Lamberts Point rotary dumper do its thing:



And the conveyors:



And a shiploader:



What neighbors have to say:



The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality only requires air monitors be stationed about a mile away from the main dust sources. Why? The law doesn't say anything about illegal airborne pollution having to be monitored a mile away from its source:




Wanna guess what all that blackness is?



Confederate monument stands in downtown Norfolk right in front of Norfolk Southern's headquarters building:


Norfolk Southern's legacy?

Virginian-Pilot Coal Dust Exposés

by Aaron Applegate


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Mother Jones spanks Norfolk Southern (October 18, 2017)



As long as they wallow in it — and eat and breathe it —

nothing will change:





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