Derelict Property?

Unoccupied for years? In disrepair? In this neighborhood?

City Government would never allow such a thing — right?


The letter of the law from the Norfolk Code of Ordinances:


Sec. 27-70. Violations.

Unless otherwise specified, any person violating any provision of this article shall be guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor. Each day a violation continues shall be deemed a new and separate violation.

Sec. 27-71. Definitions.

Derelict building means a residential or nonresidential building or structure, whether or not construction has been completed, that might endanger the public's health, safety or welfare and for a continuous period in excess of six months has been:  (i) Vacant;
(ii) Boarded up; and (iii) Not lawfully connected to electric service from a utility service provider or not lawfully connected to any water or sewer service from a utility service provider.

Sec. 27-72. Enforcement.

The director of neighborhood preservation is hereby vested with the authority to require the abatement of derelict buildings pursuant to the provisions of this article and other applicable codes, laws and regulations.

See here for the entire provision, including what the director can do.


The Common-Sense Dictionary Definition

derelict |ˈderəˌlikt|
in a very poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect.


The Remedy for Derelict Properties in Our Midst?

In other words, if the owner of an unoccupied building in disrepair would simply board up said building and cut off all utilities to it, the Norfolk City Government could then wait six months and then deem that building officially derelict and even possibly do something about it. But until the owner of said building takes such actions, the Norfolk City Government's wise and temperate laws do not seem to allow it to do anything.


How an Ordinary Citizen Can Spot a Derelict House

One method, which is far from foolproof but might nevertheless yield promising results, is to walk down the sidewalk and peer into windows — from the sidewalk, of course, without trespassing on private property — and note anything that might appear amiss.


Ghent's Own Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

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