Doggie Doos and Don'ts

Dogs are great!

But some companion humans, not so much...


Doggie Poop

Just as people do, dogs need to do their doody. But dogs prefer to take care of their business in the great outdoors. And dogs have much more refined equipment for the purpose than humans, so dogs do not require toilet paper. But then, there's still the poop itself — nd that's where the purpose of humans comes in. Every dog's companion human should gather up the leftovers, and properly dispose of them. Should!


A study in contrasts: Little iridescent flying gems on stinky poo

(has a Chinese take-out menu ring to it — hey, don't blame the messenger, er, photographer)


Minefield of accumulated doggie poop on the banks of The Hague (in the 400 block of Mowbray Arch):


Poop left on a sidewalk, even more likely to get stepped on?


Where the stuff belongs, where the City "promptly" picks it up — sometimes:


Good Doggie Toilette Manners

No dog wants to have to stop to bark in mid poop, so, human person, either stop and wait or detour around. Never walk your dog right past another dog in mid poop. This kind of interruption is highly inconsiderate and impolite. How do you like it when you're in flagrante excremento and some impatient jerk starts banging on the bathroom door?


Dogs Off Leash

Even if your dog is well-mannered, and picks up after itself, and never causes any other trouble, like with other dogs, and never chases ducks and geese, etc., still UNCOOL — oh, and illegal.


Size Matters in Doggie World

For example, the tweenie dachshund, which is the mid size of the breed (11-16 pounds), between the nimble miniature and the big, lumbering standard dachshund, is arguably the feistiest representative of the breed.

While dachshunds were bred to go down holes and hunt borrowing critters roughly their own size (the big ones, badgers; the mid size ones, rabbits; the smallest ones, ants), they can also be quick to direct their aggressive instincts toward larger, longer legged critters, particularly larger dogs whom they find boorish and annoying.

Fascinated by holes:


So if your dog gets too close to a wary dachshund, and especially if your dog surprises one from behind, don't be surprised if a snarling barkfest ensures. And don't bother giving the dachshund's companion human one of your nasty looks — as if you think that dashchund, who is only being true to her/his "badger hound" nature, is ill-trained — because both the dachshund and its companion human will consider you to be the ignorant and ill-mannered one.

But inside the house, dachshunds become the perfect little lapdogs:





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