Time to do something, Norfolk!

And pontoons on the sea-level light rail won't be enough:

Norfolk Flood Maps


How to pay for it...

They say it will take one billion dollars to fix Norfolk's sea level/flooding problems. Who's going to pay for that? Can we expect the federal government to swoop in with enough money to save us all? Or the state government? — what a joke! So how about if we paid our own way? The population of Norfolk is currently about 250,000. That would mean a donation of approximately $4,000 from every man, woman, and child, which is certainly too much to expect from school children, and too much to expect from many adults with low-wage jobs. So what if only the wealthiest 10% of the population contributed to the cause. That would mean about $40,000 from each of those 25,000 people. Or if only the top 5% contributed, $80,000 from each of 12,500 people. Or only the very wealthy, the top 1%, could each pay $400,000.

While $4,000 is a lot for a many people, even $400,000 is not a deal breaker for the relative few. So what if an equitable distribution of the cost could be devised based on people's ability to contribute? Of course everyone loves to hate taxation of any kind, but think about it: The goal is literally to save our city from drowning. Is there any better reason for a little teamwork?


A Flood Lottery!

It's a real Einstein-class of an idea! Just look at all the money all those other lotteries rake in. Why not harness the dream of fabulous (howbeit oddsless) riches to build those levees and seawalls? Just think FLOOD LOTTERY — with all that money flooding in to stop the flooding — then line up for your tickets, folks.


Stay Tuned for the Perfect Storm?

Sea level rising, irresponsible politicians, off-shore oil drilling, super hurricanes:



Some Hurricane Sandy Photos from the Arch

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