Shameless Geese!


Has anyone noticed what they're doing on The Hague now?

Where do those brazen Canadian fly boys get off? They drop in here from Canada, honking up a storm (some of them have even taken up permanent residence), then it's like what, they get to deep-six all sense of decency? Like what happens in Norfolk stays in Norfolk? Just look at 'em down at The Hague, exposing themselves in broad daylight, mooning every human in sight.

Take that, you "featherless bipeds" (Aristotle's definition of human beings)!


Quick, cover the children's eyes!


But speaking of shameless...

Look at how some humans in Virginia Beach treat their fine feathered "problems." Sure, the nuclear option may sometimes be necessary — if nothing else works. But how much else was even tried?

Does Doody Calls have a goose poop division?





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