Photos Around The Hague


The Hague Bridge, the iconic entryway to Ghent:


A guy and his dog enjoy a Hague bench:


Stone castles on Mowbray Arch near the bridge:


Cottonlike trees in bloom:


Maybe the most remarkable chimneys in Ghent:


Bronze Mowbray Arch sidewalk plaque in March:


Plaque in June:

Mowbray Arch Plaque


Nice ironwork:


Cozy backyard spiral staircase:


They don't call it the historic neighborhood for nothing — or do they:


Wondering what the busy humans will be up to next:


Fish in The Hague:

A school of foot-long fish swam by just beneath the surface of the water. They were swimming straight, so the photographer stepped faster in pursuit of more photos:

Fish in the Hague


When they noticed the stalking photographer, they dove and swam in a circle, staying in their tight formation, then they continued on straight again. They did the circle thing a couple more times as the pesky photographer followed:

Fish Swirling in the Hague


White Heron (or Egret) fishing at the north end of the Hague:

Hague Heron


Young heron standing on a neighbor's car:


Checking its wingspan:


Ballet exercises:


Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church at the northern foot of The Hague:


Inside the mini-cathedral:


New Testament stained glass window:


Old Testament window:


Bench lovers:


Chrysler Museum, east end of The Hague:


The mermaid — at the school:


Williams School mermaid makeover (their mascot is an owl):


Canada goose family:

Goose Family


On the move:


Flock of paddling geese seen from the footbridge — before the "love locks":

Geese from the Bridge


The view later, with "love" locks galore — and no, it's not for love of the old bridge:


Remains of concrete pile cap (with timber piles still in place) from original steel-riveted Hague bridge built in 1891 (can be seen at low tide):


Having a drink:

Geese Drinking


On patrol:

Geese Patrol


A queue of gulls:

Gulls on Hague


High tide near Mill Street and Mowbray:


Shadows on the bridge:


Low tide at the prestigious Chrysler Museum of Art:


The Hague overflowing its banks during Superstorm Sandy:

Overflowing its banks:


October, 2014

Water receding at low point of Mowbray Arch after big rain:


Weather-worn stormwater drain (nice crab):

Storm Water Drain


Roots/sidewalk compromise:


Instant fossil — leaf in sidewalk:


Dragonfly sunning itself on Mowbray Arch power cable

— did you knows that these guys, who can fly at 35 mph, are the fastest flying insects?


Old-timey sidewalk paving technology:



A more patinated example of the same plaque:


Dog leaves its mark — in per-paw-tuity:

In Perpawtuity


"No fishing/no crabbing" sign

(crab pot buoys in the background):

No Fishing/Crabbing Sign


August 26, 2013

Moon and airplane over Ghent:

Moon and Airplane


Fishing at low tide:

Heron Fishing


High-tide "wetlands"

(near Mowbray and Mill):

Hague Wetlands


Feeding the geese:


A bronze nymph:


Crack monitor on a local historic landmark:


September 25, 2013

Curious moth resembling the Concorde lands at Mowbray Arch.

Diaphania costata, a species of the snout moth family:

Curious Moth


Rain on The Hague — ripples upon ripples upon ripples:


October 19, 2013

Rainy-day wear at the Stockley Gardens Arts Festival:


Inflatable cruising:


A Nearby Billboard

WWJD? Maybe He, too, would feel kinda icky about this come-on:


Paleolithic graffiti?


A neglected bike:


Canada geese on the wing:


Eugene, famous denizen of the neighborhood, makes a festive holiday appearance

(on the late John Parker's last Christmas cards):

Seagull feeding time:


January 22, 2014

A cold, choppy winter's day:


January 23, 2014

Ice on The Hague:


Ice sitting:


January 27, 2014

Ice thawing:


Treading on thin ice:


January 29, 2014

A bunch of snow — for Norfolk:


Gazing toward the Chrysler Museum:


Castles in the snow:


Snowsters and their accoutrements on Mowbray Arch:


Westward from the footbridge

(note how few padlocks there were on the old bridge in early 2014):


Low tide on the north end:


Gulls on footbridge:


February 23, 2014

A springlike seventy degrees!

Cormorant between dives in The Hague:


Fellow birdwatcher?


Contrails over an aspiring turret:


A focused Blue Jay:


A defiant gull:


Canada geese paddling in March:



Napping on the bank of The Hague:


Across Brambleton from The Hague, a slew of antennae:


Green mermaid sign — north end of The Hague:


The other side:


Homeless sleep:


Plane over nearby turrets. Amazing colors (at least, in real life):


Squirrel savoring a nut:


Kiddy mass transit:


Male Canada goose stands guard:


Gull on lamp post — "King of the world!"


May 9, 2014

Spring, and a mother squirrel savors a Brazil nut — already shelled:



Eugene on his front steps:


Yellow-crested Night Heron near the Chrysler Museum:


Grainy blow-up of the Yellow-crested Night Heron eating a crab:


Ducks amidst complicated reflection (of Hague Towers):


All eyes. Giant fly (one inch long) prowls the Hague:


Nice yard fountain:


May 17, 2014

Big ducky in a small pond:


Street juggler at the duckyfest:


More pedestrians than usual on the footbridge:



Giant Ducky ogles the museum:


Duckmania in The Hague, with drunken swimmers:


Delicious sidewalk painting:


Eruv monofilament crosses in front of Episcopal church during pagan rite of spring rite known as the Ghent Arts Festival. The theological ramifications are dizzying:


The mid-spring artsfest:


Parks without benches?

Artist Mo Whitfield (left):


Shades of Tom Sawyer on The Hague:


Dapper Scotsman on the footbridge:


Egret launching:


Hanging with the geese:


Topping a turret on Mowbray Arch:


Tree scars (cute, but as with "love" locks, best to draw the line at zero):


Bear spotted on the Hague:


Jellyfish floating in The Hague, early September, 2014:


Gar stalks smaller fish in The Hague:


An experienced crabber checks things out:


"Lily" loves the water:



Mushrooms growing next to The Hague:


October 20, 2014

Young Red-Tailed Hawk dines on a squirrel in Beechwood Park on Colonial Avenue:


Could be a local or might be a migrator stopping for a snack:


Fall leaves turning:


January 5, 2015

Bald eagle spotted from Elizabeth River Trail in West Ghent:



January 6, 2015

Bald Eagle moves to different branch, reveals wounded left wing

—now he's really a metaphor for the nation:


January 8, 2015

Old cold-storage warehouse overlooking the Hague freshly tagged:



Strolling in style on the Arch:


Where no-longer-loved teddy bears go:


Contrail tangle over new house on The Hague:


April 21, 2015

End of a Grand Old Garage


In the old days, long before this photo from 2013, the chauffeur lived upstairs, there was room enough for several cars and space to work on them. It even had its own gas pump:


April 22, 2015


May 1, 2015

Newspapers still coming after fire:


December 20, 2015

Jellyfish (about a foot in diameter) washed up on mud flat at The Dip (Mowbray Arch):

Moon Jelly


Canada goose going bottoms up (bottom grazing) on The Hague:


Water and light on The Hague near the museum:


What are they teaching those kids in biology class? Or is it art class?


Lone biker girl:


January 2017 snow journey:


Trump protest at the Chrysler (January 2017):


Protest ballerina:


Swirling around the Hague bridge

(the round thing is the remains of a concrete pile cap from the previous bridge):


Hague Abstract:


Turtle sunbathes on the bulkhead in front of the museum (March 31, 2017):


TV tower over The Hague:


Heavy harvest of pollen washes into The Hague (March, 2017):


Floating-pollen abstract:


Ah, the enduring rancor of local politics:


Trash in The Hague at Stone Park end — shameful!


Mother duck and ducklings (perfectly camouflaged) rooting through the trash:


April, 2017, monster Zika mosquito spotted on Mowbray Arch. "Mosquito Joe, come quick,, I just soiled myself!" Oh, wait, it's only a dragonfly:


April 28, 2017, French planes trail the tricolor over the Elizabeth River — something to do with NATO:


Wallie and Ida discover petrified (rock-solid) evidence of Big Foot on Mowbray Arch sidewalk:


A desiccated frog on the bukhead:


Goldfinch in a Mowbray Arch flower garden:


Williams School outdoor lending library:


Early July, 2017

Young Yellow-Crowned Night Heron learns to walk the ropes, or, at least, how to stand on them:



Ad blimp sails over The Hague:


Praying mantis on porch rail:


Partial solar eclipse, as seen from Mowbray Arch, August 20, 2017:


Old house on The Hague gets a facelift — with lots of ladders:


Puppy Drums from The Hague:


In the cooler — gasping for water:


Angling from the water:


Downtown looming beyond Mowbray Arch rooftops:


Spider dangles over The Hague:


Blazing sunset beyond The Hague:


Stacks of huge cruise ship rise in distance beyond the Hague bridge:


Sunset on The Hague, Thanksgiving Day, 2017:


Top of TV tower disappear on a misty day (January 16, 2018):


Monarch butterfly in a Hague garden:



September, 2018, preparations for Hurricane Florence:


Pre-storm redneck jollies:


Trekking through the storm swollen Hague:


Geese sitting/standing on the bulkhead during high tide:


But it's okay to reel in a bike:


October 12, 2018, Hurricane Michael, after traveling a thousand miles over land, topples a live oak on The Hague:


High tide returns before City workers finish chopping it up:




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