Get out the hemlock and the feeding tube.

One of the usual suspects complained

— something about the children, so...


If you are between the ages of approximately 24 months* and 18 years,



A Cure for Hypnoboobosis

They're everywhere! Movies, TV, the Internet, and they're never completely under wraps. As they say in advertising, it's all just to sell you, to get you to buy things, to keep the economy humming along, keep the world going round. Bouyant, lofty ideals, right? How can a guy not do his civic/economic duty by becoming an addict?

But does a guy really have to be a boob boob? Really have to succomb to chronic hypnoboobosis? Enter simple, obvious, effective Hypnoboobosis Desensitization Therapy.

The very eyes that got you into your addiction can now get you out of it. Simply stair at the bouncing boobie below for, oh, about 10 minutes or so. Repeat daily until you no longer want to make an ogling fool out of yourself:



Preventative Maintenance?

As yet unproven, but maybe worth a try:





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