DEATH to Bugs — All Bugs!

Who needs biodiversity?


Where Have All the Bees and Butterflies Gone?

The importance of bees and other pollinators

Everyone must sacrifice for the "fun":

Fun again? What, like 150 million years ago before mosquitoes evolved?


BUGS BAD! Kill 'em all!

A Mosquito Joe rep brags about its awesome kill numbers

"That’s right folks, as we said before, we don’t just kill mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks, we take care over 30 other insects that can ruin your garden, leave you with painful bites, and send you running indoors. Bedbugs, clover mites, millipedes, oh my! I could go on and on. But instead of wasting your time listing every single insect we can take care of for you, I’m going to let you pick up the phone and call your local Mosquito Joe."

Only 30 or so species? By the way, Mosquito Joe, expert exterminator, ticks, clover mites, and millipedes are not insects.


Collateral damage?

Found on a driveway where Mosquito Joe plies his profligate trade:


Pyrethrins, Mosquito Joe's favorite killer toxins



So why get all health conscious at the grocery store and buy those organic veggies, then have a huckster like Mosquito Joe (could the guy have a friendlier sounding name?) come to your house and spray poison all over your yard? And not just your yard. If your neighbors can smell Mosquito Joe spraying your lawn, that means his ubiquitous spray is not confined to only your property.

Mosquito Joe's poison (pyrethroids) comes from plants, so it's organic, safe — right?

Sometimes the tried and true ways for dealing with mosquitoes are the best (and the more responsible).

Ask the experts:  No need to get fancy battling mosquitoes.


Mosquito Joe worker sporting a device reminiscent of the Proton Pack (an unlicensed accelerator backpack) from Ghost Busters. Shouldn't these guys also sport some sort of respirator (preferably a model approved by OSHA)?


When you spot the distinctive truck, try not to breathe:





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