The Case of the No-Show Worker

Norfolk, a great place to work — or not work

We know what our tax dollars paid the no-show "worker" to do — nothing. Nearly a third of a million dollars worth of nothing! Forget about personalities. Inquiring minds just want to know why. And how does a city get away with covering up such a thing?


The settlement — and nobody's talking.

A woman received paychecks for more than twelve years for doing nothing. But if someone at the IRS punched the wrong key and you got a tax refund of $140,000 instead of the $140 you deserved, you would be expected to pay back every cent of that clerical error, with interest, even though it wasn't your fault. But the no-show woman allegedly wanted to work, yet was told to go home and not return to work (allegedly because she had been caught doing something questionably legal at work), then after receiving all that money she was deemed innocent of any wrongdoing, and even allowed to keep the money! Her boss then took the entire rap — and conviction — because it was all just some clerical error, because "the file was lost"? Is there anyone out there whose mind isn't boggled yet? But in the City of Norfolk this sort of thing requires no explanation.

It's been speculated that the woman who received, and got to keep, all that unearned money was being paid off for something, possibly for not revealing something that she knew. But that's only speculation. After all, who knows?

It isn't just about the money, which is supposedly going to be paid back by a different person who took the rap, not the person who got the money and got to keep it. The point is, the citizens and taxpayers deserve to know what happened here, and why. Norfolk isn't some thoroughly corrupt banana republic backwater — or is it? How in the world can whatever City Downtowners who are behind this get away with sweeping it under the rug?

A blindfolded mermaid, blissfully swims in a sea of serenity, paying her taxes, never asking any questions:

VA-Pilot editorial: "Norfolk's secrecy defies justice."





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