Stuff to laugh about —

cuz who wants to vote, so what else can we do?



He obviously knows his way around the legal sysatem:



Mayor Fraim retires

Gone, but still earning — earning lots more!



All those fancy, pricey hotels a waste?



An auspicious beginning?

Just some overachieving skulduggery?

She brings some needed energy, but how it will be used, TBD:



Keeping great company in the comparison department:


Partners in crime, or

one justice for white crooks and another for black crooks.

He's not a politicain, he just buys them:


What's that in the air? No, wait, that. And, that:



When Paul Fraim was the mayor of Norfolk, he wouldn't lift a finger to remove the love locks from the Hague bridge. Norfolk's Public Relations Manager even invited those locks on the bridge:

Norfolk city crews have no plans to remove the tokens of love, city spokeswoman Lori Crouch said. "We love the love in Norfolk," she said.


Will the new mayor finally do the right thing by the Hague bridge — namely, unlock it?



The King of Tweets:













Move over, Benedict Arnold, there's a new synonym in town.

"Fake news," you say (along with him)? Just wait till it all comes out:





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