Storm Drains

Keeping Them Clean — and Working

Storm drain guards are lowly, howbeit elongated, sandbags. They are placed in front of the inlets to storm drains to keep debris from washing down the drains and clogging them. They are typically used when nearby soil is being disturbed by construction, maintenance, or road work.

The EPA on Storm Drain Inlet Protection


A properly placed storm drain guard:


But some people seem to think they have a better idea...

Some citizens seem to be in the habit of removing storm drain guards from the drain inlets. While this might cause rain water to drain faster in an area, it defeats the whole purpose of the drain guards, namely to keep debris from washing down the drains — and ultimately clogging them:


At this neighborhood intersection someone removed the drain guards from the drain inlets at all four corners:


The City's responsibility — or lack thereof

To comply with City regulations, storm drain guards are placed at the drain inlets by contractors either working on the right of ways for the City or by contractors working on private properties. The City should make sure that these contractors clean up debris whenever it gathers around these drain guards. Such debris should particularly be removed before and after rainfalls. But alas, piles of debris are often seen backed up against the drain guards, and there, like the hapless souls trying to leave Casa Blanca in the movie of the same name," they wait — and wait — and wait...."





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