TNR for Rats

Let's see which is the more worthy species:


Why save only feral cats? What about wild rats? In the words of TNR advocates, why not “community” rats returned to "their territory”?

Rats may have gotten a bad rap in the past, what with being blamed for causing all those plagues in the Middle Ages, but now it’s looking like gerbils were the real culprits:


Gerbils, not rats, caused the plague

Rats have been tarred as vermin just because they’re out there trying to make a living for themselves. So maybe they eat a little grain or whatever to keep themselves from starving. At least rats are not vicious predators who, even if well fed, will stalk and kill every bird, ambphibian, lizard, snake, and small mammal they can sink their claws and teeth into.

Rats spread even less disease than cats. Cats are the main spreaders of toxoplasmosis, which can be very dangerous and even fatal to people with compromised immune systems, including pregnant women:



Cats also spread rabies. But rats rarely if ever get rabies, and according to the Center for Disease Control rats have never been known to transmit rabies to humans:



Rats also make excellent pets. While they might not be as furry as cats, rats are very intelligent animals who are very curious and are much more social than cats. Rats also keep themselves very clean. And unlike feral cats, rats are easily tamed.


Sorry, Rats.

The problem is, you just aren't as cuddly as kittens.





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