Celebrating The Donald and Friends


Some crooks never learn:


He might not like his new moniker, but we know who likes him:


It's not like he didn't warn us:



Self-branding, what it's all about:


Oh, and don't forget projection:


Mitch is no turdle in the sack:


But with a trusty sidekick, who's gonna notice?


Long hours:


Oxycontin Man:


If only he couldn't talk yet:


Just as he's "the least racist person in the world," he's also the sexiest:


One of these days, the premier:


He didn't exactly work his way up the ranks:



Finally, his soulmate:


Thank God, he never touches the stuff:


The guy who made it all possible:


The breakfast of...


Man with a vision (and not much of a command of the language):


Wow, the First Lady's a 10:


"I like my babes fit."


"Who else would have hired me?"


Bozo the President:


"You said I'd get the penthouse, remember?"


"Kellyanne and Steve, best of the best."


Mister T:


Only the classiest First Lady ever:


What a forgiving wife!


Remember Streep at the 2017 Golden Globes?


Bumper sticker truth:


Promises, promises...






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