Norfolk Southern permeates its own hometown, Norfolk, Virginia, with coal dust.




(Where to complain)


(What YOU can do)



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Smigiel Letter

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Get involved, ask questions, express your feelings about the coal dust in your neighborhood, COMPLAIN.


Contact the Norfolk City Council:

The Norfolk City Council

Mayor of Norfolk, Kenneth Alexander

Andrew Protogyrou, Ward 1

Courtney Doyle, Ward 2

Mamie Johnson, Ward 3

Paul Riddick, Ward 4

Thomas Smigiel, Ward 5

Andria McClellan, Super Ward 6

Angela Williams, Ward 7


Sign the petition requesting that the Norfolk City Council approve the Smigiel resolution to reduce coal dust.


Contact your commuinty leaders. Let them know what you think (ask them, too, to contact the City Council):

Lamberts Point Civic League

President, West Ghent Civic League

Ghent Neighborhood League

President, Larchmont-Edgewater Civil League

Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League

Freemason Street Area Association

Norfolk Southern Corporation


Contact your state representatives, in both Richmond and Washington. Find them here:

Who are my representatives?


Write letters to the editor. The more letters that our local newspaper receives about coal dust, the more it will realize people are concerned about the issue:


File a complaint every time you have to clean coal dust off your window sills, your porch, your car, or anywhere (an online complaint only takes bout five minutes or less):

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Online Complaint Form










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